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posted: 3/31/2014 5:01 AM

Catering to a few segments of society

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Our recent abysmally low voter turn out in the state of Illinois and nation wide might be viewed as a wake-up call rather than that of a surprise. It is most likely that John Q. Public is simply tiring of the same old political pap akin to that once delivered by the carnival medicine men shows of an earlier America.

Those carnival barker medical "cure all" panaceas of yesteryear are all too similar to the "cure all" political panaceas offered by today's political hopefuls. Gone are the patriots of an early America who did what was best for the entire country at their political expense by not catering to any particular segment of society to be elected.

It is evident that similar past political history can be an important learning tool in making political decisions in today's world, be it politicians or the electorate sector. However, that seems to be grossly overlooked by most of us.

Several cases in point: Argentina and Uruguay were once our equals as wealthy nations. It is all too evident that their political catering to just a few segments of their societies to keep them in power was not the wisest long term strategy. Today they are merely shadows of their once robust economy.

Should we wonder why?

Walter Santi


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