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posted: 3/29/2014 5:01 AM

We should revisit abortion rulings

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I read this morning that Judge Susan Webber Wright has struck down as unconstitutional an Arkansas law prohibiting abortion citing previous legal opinions regarding fetus viability Isn't it possible that previous courts have erred in their decisions?

Consider this: Though a human being may rely on the body of its mother for viability until such time as it is born, no human being is viable without the care and attention of its mother and/or father until many years after they exit the womb. If they were, we wouldn't have child abandonment or child abuse laws on the books. If self-reliability is a condition of living in our country, then all disabled and mentally incompetent, the elderly and sickly, and all young children, should be on guard against the day someone in power decides it's time for them to lose their right to life.

The original decision in 1973 by the Supreme Court was flawed on many counts, not the least of those being viability of the child. Science has since demonstrated that a unique human life is created at the moment of conception; a life equal to the life of any other human being. It is a life most vulnerable to the wants and desires of those responsible for its care and nurturing. It is a life deserving of all the rights and protections of those who walk in the world.

Laws and rulings such as Judge Webber Wright's continue to promote life as a disposable commodity to be respected and nurtured only to the extent that it can be self-sustaining. We should support laws that embrace and protect all human life from the moment of conception until the day we are called from this world. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Dr. Martin Luther King

Peter Gennuso


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