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posted: 3/16/2014 12:01 AM

Care for animals or make a call

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Care for animals or make a call

This is in response to your cover story of March 6, "10 animals found dead." It sickens me whenever there is an article about people starving their animals to death.

If you have an animal that you cannot afford to feed, call the authorities and they can refer you to The Hooved Animal Society and others, for donkeys, horses etc., Anderson's for dogs and cats. Please don't let these animals starve to death. The people, if found guilty, should not get off with a slap on the wrist. They should have to work for six months at an animal rescue facility without pay. They should be forbidden from owning any animals for at least a year until they can prove that they are once again capable.

There are horses in the Hampshire area that were out in this last winter without any shelter or windbreak. Imagine 25 bellow zero and 20 mph. winds for 24 hours a day all winter long. Why have the animals if you won't care for them?

Dogs who were left outside without proper food and water in meager doghouses. People need to care for their animals or call someone else who does care.

Bob McArdle


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