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posted: 3/16/2014 5:01 AM

The perpetually interfering Dem

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Dear state Sen. Dave Koehler:

The Democratic Party portrays itself as for the common man, the protector of blue collar workers. It appears that's a ruse and the purpose of Democrats is to interfere with the everyday activities of ordinary citizens.

Offering as proof, your fellow Sen. Hunter's very recent proposal of a surcharge on sugary drinks. Please add to that your proposal requiring a doctor's prescription for medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

In typical Democrat fashion, a bill is proposed ignoring the fact that most citizens are properly handling something needed for their health and well-being and, instead, laser focuses only on the smaller percentage mishandling pseudoephedrine.

The American health care system has recently been bullied by your party and has prevented citizens from obtaining health care insurance that would allow them a physician's visit to obtain the prescription you want required.

Those fortunate enough to still have insurance don't necessarily have $20 for the co-pay, as the current economy is keeping citizens from having such funds. If one is fortunate to have insurance and $20, there's still the element of coordinating the physician's schedule with the patient's schedule so a prescription can be gotten since we all know that qualified physicians require an office visit before writing a prescription.

Perhaps a senator's Cadillac health care plan and schedule affords the luxury of taking time off and just walking into a physician's office whenever desired but it isn't the case for most common men or the blue collar worker. Please reconsider and retract your proposal, if not for the benefit of the ordinary citizens who are properly using pseudoephedrine for their health and well-being, then retract it in an effort to not continue the stereotype of the perpetually interfering Democrat.

Mike Goba


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