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posted: 3/14/2014 12:01 AM

Grab Dem ballots, independents

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Grab Dem ballots, independents

There is nothing compelling about the 2014 GOP gubernatorial candidates that could cause independents to grab Republican primary ballots.

Rauner, a politically well-connected multimillionaire attempting to purchase the seat, polluting the airways ad nauseam, hides his insider backroom maneuvering. He dresses down, talks good-ole-boy to the populous, masking his snake oil and promising dreams he cannot deliver.

Dillard, the once chief of staff to Jim Edgar, one of the first GOP governors to pilfer funds from the state pension system, points to the resulting raised state credit rating, as an accomplishment he is proud of. Insider Dillard, involved in Illinois' politics for years, obviously still has ambitions. Since the pension issue grew while he has moved from one political office to another, it is obvious he hasn't the meddle or desire to change Illinois' corrupt government.

The GOP is seeing a type of debauchery that destroys reputations and exposes the wicked, whichever is Rutherford's problem. Either there is a smart political assassin after him, maybe one with multimillions of dollars, or he is reaping just rewards. Who knows? Few independents would care.

The dark horse is Bill Brady, who has been to this dance before. His party likes him. He has announcing he would cut the state board of education to save money, possibly throwing the baby out with bath water, but then his party is talented at finding ways to save money on the backs of the hungry, needy and others they term "the takers."

No, independents in Kane County would fare better with Democratic primary ballots to move Dennis Anderson into position to defeat Randy Hultgren in the 16th District. At least they could feel clean in the morning.

Gail Talbot


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