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posted: 3/12/2014 5:01 AM

Unanswered questions on global warming

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In a recent speech, Secretary of State John Kerry said that climate change, caused by fossil fuels, is the "worlds largest weapon of mass destruction" and mocked those who did not agree as "people who insist the earth is flat." He also stated that President Obama is championing this cause with him. He further states that "everyone in every country must take responsibility for this problem and act immediately."

The solution he offers is "a new general global energy policy that shifts dependence on fossil fuels to cleaner technologies." Sounds good, right? Perhaps, but I have several comments: 1. Why would a smart politician open the issue by insulting those who disagree with him? 2. If he and Obama truly believe that this is "the world's largest weapon of mass destruction," why not issue a presidential mandate to combat it as Obama has done for many less-important issues?

3. Can he explain specifically how he expects "everyone in every country to take responsibility for this problem"? 4. What will power shipping, air transportation and railroads without fossil fuels? 5. Why do Kerry, Obama and other politicians jet around the country and world on frivolous trips if this is such an urgent matter?

6. Has global warming caused: a.) Citrus greening which threatens to destroy the world's citrus supply? b.) The drought that may destroy California and all of its agriculture? c.) All forms of water pollution?

The above are a few specific things that can be addressed today, not a vague global warning of potential devastation 40 years from now.

7. Do Kerry and Obama really believe that China will partner with us on this problem? Mr. Kerry, please tell us what you and your family are personally going to do to help prevent global warning.

Anita L. Kuechenberg


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