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posted: 3/10/2014 12:01 AM

Laws don't address self-responsibility

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Regarding your article about dietitians getting "free" education from chip makers, etc. Why does this surprise anyone? This is how our system operates.

Kids in school are educated by liberal-thinking unionized teachers who often are occupied with making kids feel good about themselves when not even trying to do good. Doctors are educated by the pharmaceutical companies, and our politicians, most of whom never had any part in operating any kind of business, get educated by special interest lobbyists not only for "free" but are given all kinds of perks as are the doctors who are given such by their "educators."

So why do we have the laws that we do limiting some and not all and in only certain areas? Now we hear some formerly "illegal" drugs that have sent some to prison are to become legal. Are all those in prison on these charges going to be released and relieve the overcrowding there, while sugar and salt in foods are going to be limited, all to give the lawyers something else to fight about while making money on both sides of the issues.

This does nothing to really help solve the problem of the lack of self-responsibility and its consequences.

Walter Diem


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