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posted: 3/8/2014 1:01 AM

Losing license doesn't stop drunk drivers

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In the letter from Susan Long from Batavia on March 1, I disagree with her view. I am sorry for her loss of the dog and her husband, but as she stated, this person had no driver's license.

By not giving that person a license, it would not matter. I believe that even if a person is a four-time offender, they still deserve another chance. It is better to keep track of them than not.

If you have two beers with a dinner, you are over the limit and you would get a DUI. How many people out there have had one or two drinks at a restaurant with dinner and they were pulled over by the police because they were out late and the police felt that there was a good chance that they had a drink?

This is ridiculous. It is because of people with your views that the laws are so overly strict.

What people need is counseling and help, not their driving privileges taken away permanently, which solves nothing. At least when they have a driver's license, they have to have insurance. With no driver's license, there is no insurance and more of a likelihood that they will run and cause damage.

You need to get involved with stopping the sale of alcohol. That is where the big problem is.

John Billis