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posted: 3/8/2014 5:01 AM

It's president's job to defend the country

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With all the unrest all over the world, Mr. Obama and his czars that are advising him are proposing major cuts to the military. These cuts as reported would bring the military down to what it was in 1940.

Mr. Obama and his czars have screwed up Obamacare so bad that he raiding funds out of Medicare. It is bad enough that LBJ raided Social Security for his war on poverty and Jimmy Carter gave Social Security to foreigners who never paid a penny into the program. And it is never told why both programs are in trouble. And now Obama wants to raid the military.

I realize that there are people who need help, but able-bodied people should not be on welfare and other assistance from cradle to grave. When jobs are available they should be made to work. I grew up in the 1930 Depression. I lost my mother when I was 8, started caddying at 12 and enlisted in the Navy at 17. So do not pull the tear jerkings.

It is the job of the commander and chief to see that this country is defended. If Mr. Obama is not going to do the job that he was elected to do then he should resign. This country does not need to be transformed. The men and women of the military are underpaid for putting their life and bodies in harm's way.

If the people of this country do not stop this kind of action we won't have a country. Hopefully I will not be around to see it. This country has done very well under our constitution and free enterprise. That is why others want to come here. I love this country, and would enlist again, to fight anyone out to harm her.

Lawrence F. Boni


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