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posted: 3/5/2014 12:49 PM

Rauner has money but lacks experience

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In his Feb. 22 letter, Sean Morrison compared the attacks by fellow Republicans against Bruce Rauner to "fragging," the practice of assassinating the leader of one's own military unit by attacking him with a fragmentation grenade. It is indeed an apt analogy, though not for the reasons Mr. Morrison claims.

Fragging, named during the Vietnam War, occurred when a green, untested, yet somehow arrogant officer was put in charge of battle-seasoned veterans who perceived that the officer's inexperience and poor judgment in combat would get them killed. In Mr. Morrison's analogy, Bruce Rauner is that inexperienced officer. He has never worked in government, never been elected to any office, yet arrogantly thinks he should be governor of Illinois. Do we want to follow him into battle?

Rauner thinks he can use his wealth and influence to buy his way into the governorship, and he might be right. After all, it worked when he got his daughter a spot in an elite school that had rejected her in the first place. Now he's spending millions of his own dollars to run TV ads telling us that he's a regular guy who understands our problems.

Rauner's political views on job creation, taxation and religion are actually quite similar to those of Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard, both Illinois state senators, and Dan Rutherford, Illinois treasurer. There are differences, of course, but they hardly matter. Rauner is the front-runner for one reason: His vast wealth allows him to spend millions on TV advertising that public servants Brady, Dillard and Rutherford can't afford.

There are many issues that stand in the way of Bruce Rauner being a successful Republican candidate, much less an effective governor. Inexperience, poor judgment and arrogance are right at the top. Do you want to follow him into battle?

Steve Loh

Hoffman Estates

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