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posted: 3/4/2014 5:01 AM

All have role in teaching next generation

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There are many conflicting positions in life. However the positions on various issues are not difficult to surmise. No one railing against raising the minimum wage is working for the minimum wage. Few if any of those supporting voter suppression laws (under the guise of preventing nonexistent voter fraud) are in the targeted minorities. Other than the young who we know are invulnerable to sickness, injury, pregnancy, pre-existing conditions, cancer, etc. the only people opposed to the affordable health care for everyone already have health care or are more than happy to shift their illness to the rest of us.

One of the worst things that this country has ever done is to abolish the draft. If nothing else, it taught people that there were others in this country that you needed to learn to live with, work with and yes depend on for your very life at times and by golly they might not even look like you. We have only managed to raise a generation or two that believe their responsibility to society ends at their doorstep.

I don't agree with Hillary Clinton on much, but her book "It Takes a Village" is so very true; parents, teachers, policemen, firemen, neighbors and yes, government, all have their part to play in rearing a productive member of society. Otherwise you just wind up with another "me" generation that is of no particular value to anyone except themselves.

James Prescott


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