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posted: 2/27/2014 5:01 AM

Get ready for a huge loss of tax money

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Can the government handle the Affordable Care Act without losing money, that is, without taxpayer support? Answer: The U.S. Postal Service lost $740 million in third quarter of 2013, according to Bloomberg News. Delivering mail does not involve doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, drug companies and medical equipment manufactures. The only requirement for mail delivery is an envelope and a stamp. Seems easy enough, straight forward.

OK, $740 million a quarter, $246 million per month, $12.3 million per day, $1.5 million per hour. Think of that next time you're in line waiting to buy stamps.

The Elk Grove Village post office has Cadillacs and Audis parked in the employee lot. Postal employees get government pensions and free health care. Those are top benefits for a company that loses $1.5 million dollars per hour. Do they care? No. "Proud Union Workers," "Proud Union Home" -- you've seen the signs.

Proud? Shame on you. Proud of what? Proud of their Cadillacs and Audis? Now ask how much money will be lost running the ACA? $10 million per hour? $20 million per hour? This is per hour, people.

Nick Herman


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