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posted: 2/24/2014 5:01 AM

Big Oil's greed made gas prices jump again

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It is truly incredible that the American public would sit idly by without a whimper while an oligarchy of oil executives plunders our pockets. Perhaps my fellow citizens who drive expensive SUV's and foreign cars do not take umbrage to the recent 25-cent-a-gallon gas hike over a 24-hour period, but my commute to work just took a big hit.

And for what reason was this ridiculous one-day gas increase brought about to begin with? Was there another refinery fire, are we back at war, did the government impose new gas taxes? None of the above. This spike in gas prices is due solely to corporate greed, and the fact Big Oil can do it without a word from our president or the lawmakers we elected to regulate against this type of insidious theft.

Imagine what this cost increase will do to the budgets of those barely making ends meet now, not to mention small businesses and the economy in general. Do the executives at Big Oil really need those extra few million dollars in quarterly bonuses? And where is the outrage from the citizenry?

I understand Big Oil has us by the throats, but if marches can be organized for immigration reform and equal rights, can we not protest the evil of greed as well? Europeans do it all the time. Furthermore, one might certainly expect this type of civic malaise from a Republican administration, but President Obama has no ties to Big Oil, and he squawks all day long about fighting for the average American. Well, big guy, here's your chance!

Gary Lukens

Round Lake Beach

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