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posted: 2/22/2014 5:00 AM

Rauner wrong about government assistance

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The letter in the Feb. 10 Daily Herald praising the virtues of Repub­lican candidate Bruce Rauner was exemplary of the self-centered views of that party. But the people who vote should remember that Rauner's first inclination was to lower the hourly minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. That's right, lower it! Wow, what a guy.

But on the other hand, perhaps you can't blame those who aspire to lowering the minimum wage. Everyone knows people who work for the minimum wage are lazy, shiftless, lacking ambition of any kind, and are just a drag on those who work hard, try to advance and make do without government assistance of any kind, and actually those leaders are just trying to raise the taxes of truly hardworking, patriotic, old-school go-getters like us. They're just a part of our Mitt Romney's 47 percent of the population, commonly known as the "takers."

Really, think how much our taxes might go down if we could just eliminate the minimum wage, food stamps, aid to education, unemployment compensation -- perish the thought! Oh, if only we could privatize Social Security, do away with medical assistance of any kind, and prohibit unions in any form. We'd all vote for that, wouldn't we? Go get 'em, Bruce. See you in the "also rans."

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove

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