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posted: 2/18/2014 5:01 AM

Government not meant to run business

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Those in Washington who do such a good job of running our country are at it again. They want to further dictate wage policy and employment practices to those who own, operate or manage the nation's businesses.

First, they want to increase the minimum wage because it is the "fair" thing to do. It's hardly fair to employers who would be required to pay it. Notice that the proposed increase is in no way tied to improved employee productivity -- which might justify an increase. We are told this fair wage is needed to lift people out of poverty, even though earlier minimum wage increases that were supposed to do the same thing didn't. Increasing the minimum wage will: 1) prompt trading technology for people; 2) cost jobs; 3) increase other wages; and 4) increase inflation.

Second, President Obama and others want to force employers to hire the long-term unemployed because this too would be "fair." The sad fact is that most long-term unemployed persons are in this state for reasons. They may have: 1) experience only in dying industries; 2) failed to keep their skill-set current; 3) poor work records that could involve lack of dependability, poor motivation, a bad attitude or substance abuse. It is hardly fair for the government to try to muscle employers to put unproductive, problem people on the payroll.

I feel bad for low-wage earners and for the long-term unemployed, but I also believe that the government should quit mandating policy and practice upon the nation's employers. The employers are the ones who have "skin in the game." The employers are much more at-risk after having invested their ingenuity, long hours, emotions and capital in their enterprises. Our business-hating government, at all levels, hobbles businesses and the economy now. Don't make things worse.

Charles F. Falk


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