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posted: 2/18/2014 12:01 AM

Killing an already-bleak job market

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Killing an already-bleak job market

Allowing 12 million illegal invaders to legally find and take jobs away from Americans would absolutely kill our already bleak job market, and most likely substantially raise the unemployment rate.

We have to be careful what we do if we do legitimize 12 million illegals, as there will be so many unintended bad consequences that we haven't even begun to see.

For example, by legitimizing 12 million illegals, can you imagine how much wage suppression would occur in even glorious jobs like doctors, engineers, scientists, accountants, dentists, CPAs if we suddenly allow cheap labor to flood the American job market with professionals from India, Pakistan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Latin America, et al?

This flood of illegals would substantially drop the working wage for all American professionals, let alone absolutely kill any chance for our teenagers to find a job in the low skills market.

The government couldn't come up with a decent plan on health care in the three-plus years, do you really want them to rush into this as well?

Guy Crucil


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