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posted: 2/15/2014 4:01 AM

Demand politicians get behind the FairTax

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Regarding Feb. 5 letter from Mr. Daley rebutting Mr. Carroll on the flat tax vs. the graduated income tax.

Mr. Carroll likes the flat tax and he calls it fair. Mr. Daley likes the graduated income tax and opposes the flat tax.

What make both taxes unacceptable is that almost nobody pays the amount they are supposed to pay. Both taxes are evadable and all one must do is have a lobbyist who has a connection to a congressman or woman, who is on the Committee on Ways and Means, which writes tax law.

There is a way to tax us fairly and it is not the flat income tax and not the graduated or progressive income tax. They are simply set up to evade taxes, but the FairTax is a bill that would take away the campaign contributions and amendments are limited to tax up or tax down, for everybody. Instead of over 100,000 pages it is around 20 and could be read and understood in about an hour, even for a slow reader.

I was no fan of Lyndon Johnson, but he said, "Politicians will do as they please until they think they won't be re-elected and then they change." I encourage every citizen to write his or her Congress person and say you will with hold your vote unless they co-sponsor and vote for the FairTax, a national sales tax that would make every item you use 30 percent cheaper with a 23 percent tax that even the criminals have to pay and no other federal taxes.

Wilton Jere Tidwell


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