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posted: 2/9/2014 5:00 AM

Flawed thinking about religion drives many

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It is sad that anyone seeking government office would believe that homosexuals, through God, can bring bad weather and natural disasters. Such belief comes from concepts of God created thousands of years ago by people so uneducated that they could not write their own names. They also had no ability to distinguish between circumstantial events and true cause and effect.

If we accept that the proof of God is in everything that has been created, then educated study of everything that exists shows what God actually is. All fetuses initially form as female. Half of them go through a metamorphosis to change from female to male. This process affects the whole body and brain. We are therefore not male and female. We are female and modified female. Male is formed from female to enable females to reproduce.

The metamorphosis, like everything in nature, is not perfect. Homosexuality occurs when it is only partial. Homosexuality is part of the creation of God which, like everything, would not exist if God did not cause it to happen and it is therefore part of God.

Study of nature and all species shows that female is the dominant sex for the purpose of mating, reproduction and continued life on earth. In many species female is also dominant in all ways, including being able to reproduce without mating with males. The essence of creation, and therefore the essence of God, is therefore female, in opposition to traditional beliefs.

Most people embrace science and technology when it makes life easier, longer and more fun. Yet most oppose science and technology when ancient religious beliefs are challenged and proven wrong. This is a hypocrisy. We need to evolve in religious belief as much as in other areas. We need more intelligent people in government.

Richard Lorimer


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