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posted: 2/7/2014 4:40 AM

Comparing NJ, Atlanta was absurd

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Comparing NJ, Atlanta was absurd

I was so amused and astonished by D.O. Lipensky's Feb. 4 letter, comparing the traffic jams in Atlanta and New Jersey, that I felt a response was in order.

Regarding Atlanta, Mr. Lipensky states that "they were still towing cars out of the snow banks a week later." Seriously? The average mean temperature for Atlanta in January is 43 degrees, well above freezing, which would mean that the two whole inches of snow received probably melted off within a day. Does that depth of snow really produce snowbanks that cars need to be towed out of? Get your facts straight.

He slams the "SMSM (Suck Up Main Street Media)" for making a bigger issue of the George Washington Bridge story, and claims that the worst that happened there was the inconvenience of people not being able to purchase their Starbucks in a timely fashion. He ignores the fact that people close to Governor Christie, the Republican front-runner for the 2016 presidential election, apparently orchestrated the traffic jams in New Jersey. So far, there is no irrefutable evidence linking Christie to "Bridgegate", but if a connection is found, Christie can pretty much kiss that nomination goodbye. That is what makes the New Jersey traffic jam the much bigger story. Atlanta was a one day weather related story, one that mostly has already been forgotten.

Mr. Lipensky concludes that "the only people interested in promoting Bridgegate are the SMSM (Democrats) and the dense people who hang on their every word." And "Never in the history of the world has a few hour traffic jam gotten this much coverage by the SMSM". I'm going to compare this to the ceaseless bleating of the right wing media coverage that the Benghazi story receives, and the dense people (Republicans) who hang on their every word over that.

Randi Perlman


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