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posted: 2/7/2014 5:00 AM

Men just aren't what they used to be

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When I was growing up (still in the process) I worked and associated with the "old timers." These men fought wars to win. Yes, they drank because of the misery and suffering they witnessed, but an honest day at work wasn't unknown to them. When giving their word, they kept it. They also smoked cigars and chased women.

Seventy years later we have the modern man. He doesn't fight wars to win, but bores the enemy to death with words and threats. When he gives his word, you need a staff of Harvard lawyers to interpret the meaning.

He receives a paper cut, and he is rushed to the emergency room and a lawyer. Paper cuts do get infected you know. When filling out a job application, it's not a list of qualifications but a questionnaire on benefits and vacation days.

Use foul language, and the politically correct police are rushed in along with counselors to administer to the offended victim. Open a door for a woman (person), and the language she uses will crack the stained-glass windows in the Vatican.

It's a good thing in a way that the "old timers" are passing on. I have yet to see a man cry. However, I do believe that after seeing what has become of this country many of them will hang their heads an shed a tear.

Robert A. Vlazny

Hoffman Estates

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