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posted: 2/6/2014 4:40 AM

More church interest in money than lives

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More church interest in money than lives

I was appalled by the tidbit in the Feb. 1 World & Nation in 60 seconds section that reported the Helena, Montana diocese is declaring bankruptcy because of a $15 million pederasty settlement.

I find it curious that when the legislature tries to enact any laws to get the church to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, the church is quick to scream First Amendment.

Now the church is known to be guilty of the most heinous of crimes and has the audacity to hide behind bankruptcy law.

And for $15 million? Just have the Vatican sell one small artifact or painting and pay up. This is more proof that the Catholic Church is more interested in money than the lives of the children they devastated.

Walter Naaf

Pingree Grove

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