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posted: 2/3/2014 5:00 AM

Responsible gun owners can carry

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If you read or listen to the news, I don't know how you can be opposed to concealed carry. Don't good people who have orders of protection or work and live in dangerous neighborhoods have the right to protect themselves?

The police are for the most part a reactive group since they arrive after a crime has been committed, as they rarely know beforehand when a crime will happen. In the meantime good, innocent people are at the mercy of the thugs who are controlling our streets and neighborhoods. They can't enjoy being outside without always "looking over their shoulders" for those who have illegal guns.

Those who quality for concealed carry have to know how to properly use their guns and are instructed on the awesome responsibility that goes with having and using a gun. I'd like to believe that those who illegally have guns would not be so brave (and I use that term very loosely) if they didn't know whether the other person was armed and could protect him or herself.

I believe that the majority of those passing the laws which we all have to live by are either legally armed or have bodyguards, so it's easy for them to say the rest of us don't need to be able to protect ourselves!

Janet Lumm


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