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posted: 1/29/2014 5:00 AM

Rights and realities for concealed guns

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Please take a moment to envision an almost certain scene in our future.

It might be late at night or a beautiful bright day; it won't matter. A human being everyone thought was the nicest person on Earth, a pillar of society, will pull out a concealed gun, and, for whatever reason put a bullet in another human being.

As a moderate Democrat who has no issue with the Second Amendment, other than the recent legislation allowing residents to carry concealed weapons, I have to say this law was not well thought out and borders on inane. And while our great state is far from the wild west show currently touring Florida, things are about to become more dangerous within our borders.

If you keep guns under lock and safely use them at will for your favorite recreation, that would seem enough for anyone wishing to own guns. Taking concealed guns into public areas invites trouble on all fronts. People have bad days, and sometimes really bad hours. How about the sparks that might fly should two pistol-packing individuals meet having equally bad hours?

An argument can be raised on both sides for rights and realities. But one thing to consider over most arguments is that while owning a gun is the right of every American, so is living a life free from the fear of getting caught between two fine citizens exercising their constitutional rights with magnums and hollow-point bullets.

Gary Lukens

Round Lake Beach

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