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posted: 1/28/2014 4:40 AM

Christie 'scandal' just a media frenzy

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Christie 'scandal' just a media frenzy

James D. Cook spent most of his letter telling us that the late President Nixon should have repented and Gov. Christie to see the light and follow the wisdom of the Coleridge Poem, etc. Near the end of his letter he puts in an "if" Gov. Christie did it.

The story so far, is that the Democratic trash machine is out in full force to trash this governor, with the Suck-up Main Street Media in lock step. This has been the most talked about story by the SMSM -- in the world.

So far the trashing is being done by the Democrats. James cleverly starts with Nixon then bounces off to Christie, Guilty by association? I doubt that many know exactly what Nixon was guilty of. He wanted to find out what the Democratic trash machine was brewing up for him and he authorized/suggested, or not, his people, to break into their offices to see what the Democrats were planning. His people were caught red handed. Nixon tried to get his people out of this jam and failed, incriminating himself in the process. In today's politics, this is chump change. Oh, his people lied under oath, but we all know that doesn't count for much anymore.

Mr. Cook, this is big time politics. I don't like it, however, it will never change. Just don't get caught, "if" you did it.

Dushan O. Lipensky


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