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posted: 1/28/2014 4:40 AM

Article shilling for Clinton run in '16

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Article shilling for Clinton run in '16

Regarding the Jan. 13 article, "Survey: Policies lost touch with changing American families." Did your paper know that the collaborator of the survey, the Center for American Progress, is connected to the national Democratic Party?

You should have known. Presenting this article as unbiased is not good journalism.

The article discusses survey results of 3,500 adults asked if government policies and businesses are out of touch with the changing state of American families. The piece states "many" of those surveyed think a woman on her own, meaning not married, raising children should be supported financially by our government and that our government should not continue to encourage marriage, and two-parent families.

The article states "a bare majority (of women on the brink) agreed government should encourage two-parent families," which is just opposite the crafted conclusions made in the article.

According to the article, the number of women on the "financial brink" is one in three. When will it be two of three? It is obvious that this article and "series of appearances and events" to follow is to soften up America on what will be undoubtedly one of Hilary Clinton's planks in her 2016 campaign, the "Year of the Women."

The Democrats are well aware women accounted for a majority electing Obama, and this biased "survey" results will be cited to demonstrate how Clinton is "for" America's women. The Democrats believe the structure of American families is headed for "single-parent households" and thus the government must "adapt" and provide government financial support to such households. In other words, vote for the political party that will give you free living.

Society has and should support those in need but the traditional (married) two-parent family unit in America must not be portrayed as old-fashioned, and continued to be eroded through Democrat-backed giveaway programs.

P.B. Drottar


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