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posted: 1/19/2014 5:00 AM

Our nation is secular, and rightly so

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I must reply to the letter you printed from Delores Hauserman accusing the president of wanting to "put God and Christmas out of our lives." Of course, she was unable to mention one instance in which he has tried to do so, but her dislike of him is obviously so great that she feels no need to have facts to back up her feelings.

This is a secular country and we don't have to agree to Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Muslim or any other religious tenets. In fact, most of the world's woes are caused by very religious people who have no tolerance for other religious people who think differently. I do not need to hearken back to Inquistions and Crusades for illustration. Read today's newspaper. It's in every issue every day.

Actually, the only group of people who have never waged war on others who disagreed with them religiously are atheists.

I would also like to remind Ms. Hauserman that it was the Bush administration that lied us into war in Iraq at the cost of thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars, and also, because of no oversight, he let our financial system tank. It took this president to save the economy.

George Blinick

Prospect Heights

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