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posted: 1/17/2014 5:00 AM

We're focusing on the wrong scandals

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Again we see something blown out of proportion to deflect attention from real scandals. Six people from New Jersey are seeking a class-action suit because of lane closures on George Washington Bridge. Every newspaper and commentator on TV can't stop talking of the horrendous scandal and horror these people felt. No, they don't care about the brave Americans in Benghazi who died for their country, as Hillary Clinton said "what difference does it make?" What about the lies around the use of the IRS to block political opponents of real constitutional rights? What about scandalous giving of waivers to political friends concerning health care requirements?

What about a trillion dollars shoved into programs to stimulate the economy and stimulate jobs that have done nothing but dig a deeper hole to climb out of? What about the thuggery of black mobs across the country "knocking out" whites, but the only charge made by the government is when a white guy hit a black man? What about the gunrunning scheme to Mexico and the murder of a border patrol agent by one of those weapons?

What about the claim of having the most transparent administration that has ever been? The list is too long for the average person to comprehend. I am sure they tune out after the first line and go back to Oprah.

Mike O'Brien

Prospect Heights

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