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posted: 1/14/2014 5:00 AM

Base your beliefs on sound evidence

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Why do people who have an ax to grind against a political party or other entity tend to close their minds to any ideas except their own opinions? Are they're afraid they may be wrong?

Paraphrased from a past "Fencepost" letter: Evolution has never been proved because they have never found bones of a half man, half ape.

An open mind and 30 minutes exposure to real science would help that writer realize how ridiculous that "reasoning" is. Obviously, that's not the way evolution works. But, rather than educate himself, he chose to remain hopelessly unrealistic and ignorant of the subject matter.

The statement in "Check out this fact on global warming" (Your Views, Jan. 7) that the reason the ice is melting in Antarctica is because it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere is as ludicrous as believing you won't burn up if you fly to and land on the sun, as long as you go at night. Antarctica is cold, even in its summer, with average temperatures as low as 31 below zero. Yet temperatures are rising over parts of that continent faster than any place on earth, while satellites confirm widespread melting of the glaciers.

This is information from real scientists, more accurate than the "views" from a right-wing nut cable "news" channel whose employees base their global warming opinions on what happened for three frigid days in early January. Also, it's true that water vapor is the most prevalent greenhouse gas, but it is both beneficial and temporary because it falls as rain or snow. So the amount always varies greatly. CO2 on the other hand, is harmful because it is permanent and will remain a menace for many years.

My critique is not about what people believe. It's what they use as bases for those beliefs.

Len Brauer


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