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posted: 1/2/2014 5:00 AM

Educated community benefits all residents

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This letter is in response to Harold Knudsen (Your Views, Nov. 23). He stated in his letter he would like to place the cost of schools on those who use them. If I were to sit down with Harold and have a conversation on property taxes and education, we would have to agree on the following statement: An educated community benefits everyone in the community. If we could not agree on that, the conversation would be pointless.

According to studies, a higher level of education usually means less crime, higher incomes and even better health. Less crime in a community means safety. Less crime means fewer police. Fewer police mean lower taxes. Higher income can translate into higher property values. Better health can mean less usage of EMS services and again lower property taxes. Ten kids or no kids, everyone in the community benefits from an educated community.

Mr. Knudsen suggests that foreign nationals do not pay property taxes. Unless you are living in a "free" apartment you are paying taxes, which are hidden in the rent.

What's fair? You suggest as you get older you should pay less taxes to preserve your limited income. I understand that many seniors are on a fixed income and taxes are constantly rising. However, there are already two senior tax exemptions you currently benefit from, the senior citizen homestead exemption and, more importantly, the senior citizen assessment freeze exemption.

Mr. Knudsen does not suggest putting the cost of police, fire or EMS services on those who use them. I personally am willing to pay for these services, for which I have never called on. Education is just as and in my opinion more important than these services the entire community benefits from.

Jason Daley

Rolling Meadows

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