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posted: 12/31/2013 5:00 AM

Free speech doesn't apply unless it's PC

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I'm just not buying all of the righteous indignation expressed by A&E regarding the Phil Robertson interview with GQ Magazine, for several reasons.

1) A&E knew exactly what they were getting when they engaged the Robertson family to do the "Duck Dynasty" show -- namely a fundamentalist Christian group who holds predictably conservative views on moral and ethical issues. A&E can and does laugh all the way to the bank.

2) GQ knew exactly what they were getting when they did the interview with the DD patriarch, Phil Robertson -- see above -- and GQ can make the same trip to the bank.

3) For A&E to then go public with their suspension of Robertson is intellectually dishonest at best and hypocritical and deplorable at worst.

GQ had every right to do the interview, Robertson had every right to express his views and A&E had every right to suspend him. They are protected by the First Amendment, which allows them to say whatever they like. The problem is that the politically correct crowd elevated the behavior of a distinct minority, the LGBT "community," to a glorified and celebrated status on our society, and this inevitably results in the kind of reaction generated by Robertson's views expressed in the GQ interview.

As always these days, it is OK to offend anyone you like -- Christians, Jews, etc. -- as long as it is not one of the PC anointed minorities. And as for A&E, they are like the little child who acts up to get attention. Any attention, even negative, is better than none. A&E was all over the news networks. Any guess as to what this will do for the ratings of DD and A&E? Makes one wonder if this was all contrived beforehand, doesn't it?

Jeff Tenwinkel

Hoffman Estates

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