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posted: 12/22/2013 5:00 AM

Show your children the love they need

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I am 75 years old, was born in Switzerland and immigrated to the U.S. in 1964. My biggest worry is the crime that happens daily.

Why does it happen? Here is one reason: greed. Greed leads credit card users to spend more money than their income allows. Young people are especially vulnerable. What's next? The mother has to go to work, and a baby sitter takes her place. Baby sitter watches TV and so do the young children. A lot of TV shows are bad for children of any age.

Parents are coming home from work exhausted, and not enough time is spent with the children. Time goes by, baby sitters are changed frequently, and the love for youngsters is not as it should be. Money does not buy love.

Now problems are getting more serious. Dropping out of school is often the case. Financial aid to correct the problem may not be available. When the education is missing so is the opportunity for success.

Now the youngsters must find a source of income. They find someone on the street who offers them an opportunity to sell drugs. Well, here is the beginning of the end. There is competition out there, and that competition will do anything to keep that income coming in any way they can, even killing to maintain their way of living.

Advice to parents: Be less greedy and devote more time to your children. Life is too short and your devotion to your children will long be remembered. Also, they will do many things in their lifetime to follow in your footsteps, so be an example whatever you do or say.

William Schmocker

Des Plaines

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