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posted: 12/16/2013 5:00 AM

Fundamental changes going too far

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"We are fundamentally going to change America." Supporters cheered when they heard President-elect Obama say those words. Little did a lot of people know what he meant by them. I did, and now we are seeing what he meant. Bigger government, more people dependent on government handouts than at any time in our history. Real unemployment is near 11 percent. In November, 41 percent of the jobs were from local, state and federal government agencies. The majority of the rest were part-time jobs. The economy can't survive with part time and a growing government.

Someone recently wrote that the percentage of people losing their health coverage was minimal. I see that person listens a lot to MSNBC. There are estimates that over 100 million people are going to lose their employer-provided health care coverage by the end of next year. That number more than likely will be higher.

The whole point of the Affordable Care Act was not to help those who didn't have insurance, but to take over the health care system. Obama said he wasn't aware of the website problems. It was recently reported that he hadn't met with Kathleen Sebelius for over two years. I guess he's been too busy golfing and campaigning. He promised to fundamentally change America. Welcome to Obamaland.

Al Haak


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