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updated: 12/16/2013 7:07 AM

ACA is program that helps, not harms

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Gene Lyons' Nov. 26 column on the Affordable Care Act really hit it on the head. I just keep wondering about all those who continually write into this forum attacking the ACA. The same people keep it up, over and over.

Where were those opinions after G.W. Bush started a war based on lies? Or the manipulation of our financial laws by Wall Street and the Big Banks that caused our economy to almost collapse? Gee, G.W. sent our young men off to die. Dropped bombs on tens of thousands innocent civilians in Iraq. All the while never telling the American people how we were going to pay for it. He was at the helm when Wall Street and the Big Banks made a mockery of our financial system. When our Congress did away with the Glass-Stegal Act, which was there to provide protection for the consumer from greed. So much for that. I guess that wasn't enough for all of you too write in about.

Yet there are so many of you hammering on Obama for health care reform. Really?

Yes, there have been problems with the ACA rollout, but come on. It doesn't even compare to the issues above that have been forced onto the American public. Bedsides, the ACA is meant to help. Those who keep going on and on about the cost? Well we are putting out our newest aircraft carrier, and it is only 70 percent done and $2 billion over budget! Yeah, but we have no money for health care.

It seems that you far righties are watching way too much Fox News. There's nary a positive word that comes out of those people. I just keep wondering why anyone would let their opinion be manipulated by an Australian emigrant like Rupert Murdoch.

Edward Tobolik


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