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posted: 12/13/2013 5:00 AM

Charity after disasters should focus on home

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A tornado in Illinois. And how many foreign countries are here to help and bring in supplies? But we are the first to go where there is a disaster. But can we take care of our legal citizens? No!

The government figures people have homeowners insurance to cover their loss. But what people don't know is that homeowners insurance covers a certain dollar amount, and unless you have a policy that says cost replacement you are not covered for everything. And the government won't come in like they do overseas and build up everything at no cost to the people who lost everything.

They will give you a low-interest loan, but we have to pay for all that they do overseas with our taxes, and the people here can't afford to live and we can't help them. What a country!

I believe in charity, but charity begins at home. It's about time we started to take care of our legal citizens first before we help others overseas. The latest disaster in the Philippines, we couldn't get there any faster to help. And all the help we gave before them. And we can't afford to pay our own bills. I think the government should go back to school to take a class on how to balance a budget. We have to do that. We can't spend more than we earn.

Live below your means but within your needs.

Phyllis C. Rack

Hoffman Estates

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