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posted: 12/12/2013 5:00 AM

Obama has become master of the spin

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With the Obama administration it seems it is never "what is," but rather "what can we make them believe it is." Or in a campaign situation, "what can we make them believe for the next couple months until it no longer matters." One can almost understand the campaign situation, it is despicable, underhanded and dishonest, but it is unfortunately also modern-day American politics. But when the election results are settled and this method replaces actual governing, it is downright dangerous.

As the problems pile up with Obamacare, or just about any other situation, Team Obama's answer is to send the boss out to do more of the singular thing he has some ability to do -- that is, make another campaign rally style speech. At the same time I see the rest of the team running around in circles in the West Wing trying to come up with the newest talking points and wishing MSNBC's ratings would improve. So the new health care law designed to lower costs and provide insurance for all is costing trillions of dollars and causing millions to lose their coverage.

No, it isn't going well -- but not because the policy is extremely flawed, it's because of bad karma coming from those opposed to it.

Being from this area I couldn't believe Obama was elected the first time because he had absolutely no record of accomplishment. The second time surprised me because he now had a record. Now I find myself just being hopeful that we can survive the next three years of an administration that thinks governing is getting at least 50.1 percent of those paying attention to believe their "we want total control of the message" rhetoric.

Marc Thomsen

Elk Grove Village

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