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posted: 12/11/2013 4:40 AM

How about more science news?

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How about more science news?

I recently read the article, "Earth spared from 'monster' cosmic blast's radiation" about the supernova's gamma ray burst, and I enjoyed it very much. I was very excited to read about a huge scientific event and I began thinking of how great it would be to read more stories of scientific nature in the Daily Herald.

Having more stories of scientific breakthroughs, rare events, or even news about the scientists themselves would not only be very entertaining, but it would inform the general public of what is happening in the world of science. Plus, it could widen the Daily Herald's audience by interesting those involved in the scientific community. With the last point, it could be possible for those involved in the scientific community to want to share or explain their work to the Daily Herald since they know that people would read it.

I do understand that there might not always be enough newsworthy stories to fill up an entire section of the paper each day which is why I think a once-a-week section devoted to science would be just fine. After all, if food and automobiles get their own section at least once a week, why not science?

Rachel Warren

Glendale Heights

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