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posted: 12/10/2013 4:40 AM

More reasons to trust each other

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More reasons to trust each other

Regarding the story, "In God we may trust but not each other," it is saddening to read that, but it is something we must work on. When we are united we spread the greatest light to the rest of the world. We may disagree on religion, politics and others, but there are more reasons that we should trust each other.

Love for one another for one makes a better world for our children. For we cannot change the past, but we certainly can-together-steer our ship with hope for tomorrow. We need to stop fearmongering, stop playing politics with the issues of our day and be dynamic, not static in solving them.

We depend too much on government when we should depend on ourselves and each other. After all we are we, the people.

No matter of the times, the best of man makes always the best of the future. The world will never change unless mankind changes. As President Kennedy once said, "Mankind is our business." And we want it to grow in progress not add to yesterday's nonsense. We can trust each other because were Americans.

Let's quit the knock out games and shake a hand today and give hope for tomorrow. Let us unite in love and trust -- regardless of where we stand on issues. And together we will move mountains and spread peace and freedom to all mankind and in there -- hope.

God bless you, God bless America and merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.

Bob DeLacy Jr.


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