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posted: 12/9/2013 5:00 AM

Objectors to gay marriage surrender rights

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I'm responding to a letter by Pete Null published Wednesday, Nov. 20, commenting on the new gay marriage law in Illinois.

Mr. Null wrote, "The fact that gay men and women in Illinois now can exercise the same rights that my wife and I have hasn't eroded our rights in the slightest. This got me wondering if the religious zealots were so wrong about this, what else where they wrong about?"

His blatant prejudice against people of faith notwithstanding, it is only objectors to same sex marriage whose rights are eroded, e.g., people of faith whom he calls religious zealots. So, people of faith weren't wrong with their predictions; they've been right on target.

In the article, "Gay marriage raises issues for businesses" of the same date, abundant examples were given of how the rights of many business owners are being affected. Laws always restrict someone's rights, so, let's not feign ignorance of this fact with specious arguments.

He ridiculed Ms. Bonnie Quirke of the Cook Memorial Public Library Board for suggesting gay men are not monogamous and stated that in the U.K. where gay marriage has existed, the divorce rate among gay men is less than half that of straights. If true, it could just as easily suggest that gay marriage has undermined traditional marriage in the U.K.

As for this debate being relegated to the dustbin of history, as he suggested, society's fanatical preoccupation with gay marriage is today's fad, but its consequences will linger for decades.

Linda Van Dine

Carol Stream

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