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posted: 12/1/2013 5:00 AM

Obama puts his legacy over citizens' needs

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Thank you, President Obama for shoving the Affordable Care Act down our throats. It appears that in making health care a little more affordable for those on welfare, it has made it unaffordable for everyone. Insurers sent our cancellation notices telling individuals that they could no longer keep their current coverage but could change to a new plan that includes all the additional entitlements required by "Obamacare."

The cost for a plan comparable to what they had would increase by 50 percent to 80 percent. Premiums would only go up by an average of 10-15 percent if their deductible was increased by two or three times the current amount. This same situation is about to happen to the small business owners in this country.

Responding to the lie "if you like your coverage you can keep it," the president has amended the ACA to allow another year before insurers must comply with it. This decision was made by the "president of the Democratic Party" in order to take the pressure off the 33 Senate seats up for election in 2014. Had Mr. Obama been acting as the president of the United States he would have completely eliminated the need to comply with what the government says your health care must provide and let the American public decide what best meets their individual needs.

We cannot afford the ACA. Detroit is quickly becoming the poster child for America, but that does not seem as important to our president as protecting his legacy. Perhaps when he is no longer in office he can write another book. How does "The Audacity of Audacity" sound for a title?

James Broderick

Hoffman Estates

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