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posted: 11/30/2013 5:00 AM

Schools should curb spending to reduce taxes

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This is in reference to the Nov. 23 letter from Harold Knudsen regarding school costs and seniors. I would like to state that I am sure when Mr. Knudsen's children were in school he didn't care who helped pay for their education. I too am a senior on a fixed income, but I also realize that when I didn't have kids I still paid for the schools in hopes that they would continue to offer good education, and when I did finally have school-age children I continued to pay property taxes to the school districts.

The real issue here is the continued spending that these school district boards inflict on everyone. It's like they don't have to worry what things cost -- they just spend, spend, spend. That is what has to stop, and if that finally does happen then everyone's taxes will go down.

When will they finally be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers? It's just like everything else; politicians don't care about the taxpayers, they just keep spending and we keep getting forced to foot the bill.

Maybe we should start looking at the people we elect and get rid of the ones that just want to spend and don't care about the cost. Unless we the people finally say enough is enough, we won't see a change in our ever-rising taxes.

And as far as the comment that the children from foreign countries are not paying taxes, well they do pay taxes. If they rent, then their landlord incorporates taxes into the rental charge. Seniors are not the only group having trouble with rising taxes -- everyone is.

Nancy Kolosso


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