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updated: 11/21/2013 11:03 AM

Leaders covering up, ignoring problems

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Is our president uninformed or what?

1. No idea that the IRS targeted conservatives who legally requested financial benefits, possibly skewing the last election.

2. No idea the Afforable Care Act would collapse on inception after costing $600 million, causing the government shut down while Republicans tried to stop the ACA disaster.

3. No idea who claimed the Benghazi slaughter was a spontaneous event. No accountability either, but "what difference does it make?"

4. What about the billions of dollars in fraud and waste. such as the $134 billion from the IRS to people not qualified through the earned income tax. And the IRS will be in charge of the ACA program!

The Democrats don't want Obamacare for themselves. family and friends. This is why Americans are fed up with the royalty in Washington. No one is ever accountable and problems are covered up or ignored.

Marie Kafka

Rolling Meadows

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