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posted: 11/20/2013 5:00 AM

I'll take back all that money now

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I normally just ignore people I don't agree with, but I'll make an exception this time, regarding the letter that appeared Nov. 15.

I was under the impression that we still had freedom to choose, including who we support, what we believe, etc., as the Constitution states. Guess not. Guess we all have to be in lock-step with the president, the Democrats or whomever this gentleman supports.

I'll make a deal with you, sir: Please send me a check for all the money I contributed to Social Security, Medicare, and various other taxes I was forced to pay during my working years -- all 42 of them, with interest of course. You could also include my husband's contributions of 42 years; he's still working. Oh, yes, and the approximately 20 employees we contributed money for during the 13 years we owned a small business.

Just FYI, Medicare is not free, nor is the needed supplement insurance. We have also paid gasoline tax since turning 16. Now that we are older, we have to wonder where all that money went. Maybe to you. Return it and I will go away. I'll expect that check any day now. Thank you. Oh, almost forgot, return the money paid by my adult children and exempt them from the socialist programs we did not support but were forced to enter into. Fair enough? Oops, forgot one more thing. Please return all the money we have given to various charities over the years.

Hazel Kaspari


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