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posted: 11/20/2013 5:00 AM

Law passed, my marriage still intact

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Law passed, my marriage still intact

On Nov. 5, the Illinois legislature passed a law making it legal for same sex couples to marry in the state. On Nov. 6, I woke up still married to my wife. She got up and got our grandson ready for school.

I got ready for another day at work. I looked around and asked myself, "Where is the destruction of the institution of marriage I was warned about?" If the bedrock of our society has just been torn asunder, I wondered, why did this feel so very much like just another Wednesday?

Of course, for me it was just another Wednesday. The fact that gay men and women in Illinois now can exercise the same rights that my wife and I have hasn't eroded our rights in the slightest. This got me to wondering, if the religious zealots were so wrong about this, what else where they wrong about? For instance, is it true that gay men are not monogamous, as Bonnie Quirk of the Liberty Memorial Library Board claimed on Page 6 of your Nov. 6 edition?

A quick look at the UK, where gay marriage is already legal, shows a divorce rate for gays at less than half the rate for straights. Should we consider that the only reason marriage exists is for procreation, as Ms. Quirk asserts in the same article? If so my wife and I are in trouble since we're well past the age where procreation is a consideration.

Perhaps future generations will read about the great gay marriage debate in their history books and wonder why it was even a question. We can only hope that day will come and Ms. Burke will take her place besides John Birch in the dustbin of history.

Pete Null

Glendale Heights

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