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posted: 11/14/2013 5:00 AM

No logic in argument against gay marriage

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In his Nov. 11 letter to the Herald ("Logic not strong suit among our leaders"), Gerald Wester attempts to illogically teach us a lesson in logic and, by so doing, chastise our representatives for legalizing same-sex marriage. His claim that heterosexual unions continue the human race, while homosexual unions guarantee its extinction, defies all logic. Gay men and women have all the necessary equipment to procreate and frequently do through surrogacy or in vitro fertilization, methods also used by straight couples who could not reproduce any other way.

And even if gay couples choose not to use one of these methods and instead provide a loving family for some of the abandoned, unwanted children (apparently produced by straight persons), how would this (logically) wipe out the human race? Unless the straight couples (married, or just cohabiting, as seems to be a choice by many these days), decide to quit reproducing just to spite those uppity gays. Logic? Really?

Shelley Carlson

Lake Barrington

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