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posted: 11/13/2013 5:00 AM

Gay marriage law a slippery slope

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As we watch our legislators in Springfield congratulating themselves for passing the gay marriage law, we too can applaud and know that it will also go a long way to address the corruption, unemployment, debt, exodus of companies and pension problems that plague our state. I'm sure it will be just a short while until all of these issues are also addressed, and we should continue to vote these same people back to office as they have shown the ability to consistently confront our biggest problems head on and have been good stewards of our hard earned tax dollars.

And now that we have gone this far with marriage, I feel we need to drop any restrictions to first and second cousins marrying, relationships between brothers or sisters, and if two family members care for each other, we need to drop all laws against incest.

And if I meet my true soul mate, yet out of fairness do not want to divorce my wife, is it fair to have polygamy laws that limit my expression of love when men in the Middle East can have four wives? If two people care for each other they should be free to express themselves in any way they wish.

In this age of political correctness it seems we are being told to accept any behaviors people say they need to express themselves and show their love for a mate. But this can be a slippery slope, and we need to be careful, as guidelines for moral, ethical and acceptable behaviors are needed in a civilized society.

Michael Haase

Mount Prospect

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