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posted: 11/11/2013 5:00 AM

Logic not strong suit among Illinois leaders

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The state of Illinois has predictably legalized same-sex marriage, which officially declares that homosexual and heterosexual unions enjoy equal legal status and marriage is no longer restricted to male with female. Our representatives have spoken!

But merely calling an orange an apple doesn't change the taste of the fruit. Denying the law of gravity still has the same outcome for the paratrooper who leaves his parachute behind. By extension of this logic, one form of union generates a continuation of the human race whereas the other form of union guarantees its extinction regardless of any legislature's decision. One simply cannot be equal to the other, but then this is Illinois. Up is down. We have no use for the "rational," only the "feeling."

I ask you, Illinois citizens, when have logic and reason ever interfered with what passes for leadership in Springfield? So let us continue to dance and be merry as the music plays and the elected crew on our Titanic guide our collective descent into an ocean of incredulity.

Gerald Wester

Mount Prospect

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