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posted: 11/6/2013 4:40 AM

Only 3 more years of this inept bunch

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Only 3 more years of this inept bunch

When Mr. Obama was elected he had two years of both houses of the legislature. He rammed through programs and laws with only Democratic votes. He said, "Elections have consequences," and that was the Democrats mantra.

The people, in over half of the country, were so upset they sent Tea Party people to the House in numbers so large the Republicans are the majority.

When Democrats win an election, the media reports that the Democrats have "won," but when conservatives win an election the media reports that they have "taken over" Congress. It is a subtle difference, but it says that the Republicans have done something wrong when they just won an election.

The progressives were so incensed that they started with a new mantra. "Cooperation," was all you heard. What they really wanted was Republicans to agree with them. Well, elections do have consequences, and the 17th Amendment wasn't rammed through, we'd have a Republican Senate.

I believe the Republicans will win the senate in 2014 as a consequence of the debacle called the Affordable Health Care Act. It was ill conceived, rammed through without any votes from the Republicans, and instituted worse than any roll out in history. It has been described, even by the Democrats who are up for re-election, as a "train wreck." No wonder this administration cannot govern, they have the lowest percent of business people of any administration in history. People who have only worked in government and academia don't have the discipline or know how.

We have three more years of this inept crew. Let's hope that enough people still want to work so we are not stuck with more citizens who want to vote for a living instead of working for a living.

Wilton Jere Tidwell


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