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posted: 10/31/2013 4:40 AM

Losing the nation as we once knew it

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On Friday, Oct. 18, views from William G. Parrot of McHenry and Paula Coughlan of Elburn are both right on. The views are dittoed by myself and I hope many others from this area. Parrot's letter on the barricades at the Washington memorials and other national parks across the country last week, keeping our veterans and families from seeing them was well said.

What an outrageous idea of shutting down these memorials to "hurt" the American people and especially our veterans who fought and died to keep us free.

The president could have stopped that immediately but I'm sure the directive came from either him or someone in his administration to make people suffer. This administration doesn't like anyone who disagrees with him and his policies and he lets it be known with acts like these and this includes the military. Even Mr. Hagel from the Pentagon could have stopped these closures but he was silent. What a disgraceful administration.

The other well-said letter from Ms. Coughlan about our overwhelming debt and use of credit cards is very scary. We can't live like that by spending more than we can earn or keep charging on our credit cards beyond their limits, so why should this bloated government keep up this outrageous behavior? When will it stop? When this country implodes and goes down like the Roman Empire did. We are heading in that direction.

America, wake up and take heed. We are losing this country as we knew it 15 years ago and many of our freedoms every day. We have to get things right in 2014 and 2016 elections. Hopefully we can turn this "ship" around and get our direction right.

Judy Olsen


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