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posted: 10/30/2013 5:00 AM

Only let constituents contribute to politicians

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Concerning money and politics, I have a novel idea: "people" can only give money and lobby a person that they could actually vote for.

This would stop money from crossing state lines and companies are not "people" and cannot vote.

Any ad relating to politics would have to have a real "person" listed, no group that nobody knows who it is funding the ad.

As long as it is known who is giving the money, they can spend as much as they want. If somebody wants to get their way on a federal level, they would have to have 536 front men, not just a few people in a lobbying firm. It would be up to each congressman to lobby each other.

Extend this to the state/local level and who knows what would come of it? Might be a boom for the lobbying business.

Steven Kopp

Round Lake Beach

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