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posted: 10/28/2013 5:00 AM

Our country needs fresh leadership

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Why don't we just quit trying to blame Democrats or Republicans for our current economic crisis in America and put the blame where it belongs -- on both parties. While the Republicans appear to play Russian roulette by not caving to the Democrats, the Democrats in return seem to think it's OK to keep building our debt to the point we will never be able to pay our bills without borrowing from countries such as China. Is this how we really want to live? I know I don't.

As an individual I wouldn't want to always be in debt, and I don't believe a country as wealthy as ours should be either. Maybe it's time to vote all incumbents out of office and start with a fresh slate of independents who are not obligated to anybody. I personally think that's a big part of the problem -- too many politicians are "bought" by those who contribute to their coffers, and who's going to "bite the hands that feed them"? I'm sure when they first ran for office they were above board, but now that they've held their cushy jobs for many years perhaps they can't rise above the desire to keep jobs that were never meant to be permanent nor offer all the benefits they've voted for themselves.

Reform is so long overdue that I sometimes wonder if it'll ever happen, but I can keep on hoping so my grandchildren can live in the country in which I grew up -- not the one we have today.

Janet Lumm


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